Our gems

Md. Hodaif Ali
(Solver of the month)

Ali is passionate about disseminating education, and he is also a teacher by profession, and has 2 years of experience. He has achieved this award just within 3 months of joining the team. A bike-lover and adventurous person, who loves long-rides. He is a marketing background and was associated big names such as Sun Pharma and Cipla.

Akanksha Sharma

Akanksha holds a bachelor degree in Mathematics and masters in management. She is associated with us since our inception, and her reports are the most presentable, immaculate, and informative amongst all. She is in-charge of Physics, English, and Bio, and leads the Mathematics team.
She is an avid reader, and loves fictions.

Aditya Singh

Aditya is one of the most efficient persons, and he leads the reviewing team, besides training the new joiners. He ensures that each file is reviewed thoroughly prior to the final delivery. His diligence helps us maintain quality output and timely deliveries of the projects. 
Aditya's has a background in commerce and he's a CA by profession.

Rayasam Subbarayudu

Rayasam has an experience of 18 years in teaching, training, and mentoring. He is a multi-tasker and is involved in various projects and subjects, such as video lecturing, storyboarding. He has the most professional  attitude, and is very true to his words. He He is also a consultant for Merittrac and Evelyn learning system.